A sampling of some of our projects...

1.  14kW Solar Power for a Law Office.  Grid-tied system - 56) 250 watt solar modules,  roof mounted on custom built rack system, 2) 7.5 kW Inverters

2.  10kW Solar Array and a 2.4 kW Wind Turbine for a Convenience Store/Gas Station.  Hybrid System, Grid-tied with battery backup - 44) 240 watt solar modules, roof mounted on custom built rack system, 3) 6 kW Inverters wired for 3 phase service, 48 volt AGM sealed batteries with 1855AH capacity.

3.5.7 kW Solar Power System with two 48 volt battery banks for the Polebridge Mercantile.  Off-grid system - 24) 240 watt solar modules on two pole top mount arrays, 2) 6kW Inverters, 2) 48 volt battery banks 1,170AH capacity.

4.  Solar Hot Water System for Emergency Services Center, Whitefish, MT.  6) 30 Tube Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, rooftop mounted on ballasted racking system, 1" Pump Master Control Station, 160 gallon dual coil solar heat storage tank.

5.  2.4 kW Wind Turbine for Private Residence.  Grid-tied - 2.5 kW Skystream 3.7 wind turbine on a 33' tall steel monopole. 

6.  8 kW Hydro Power System for Private Ranch.  Off-grid - 8 kW Custom built Cayon Hydro Pelton Wheel Turbine, custom built governor and diversion load management system,  2) 6 kW inverters, 48 volt battery bank 1,170 AH capacity.

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